Human Garbage Can

via Daily Prompt: Vice

Last night I had dinner at a friend’s house. Her 2 younger children left the table and ran off to play, leaving behind their plates full of food. Her husband took one of the kid’s plates and said “See? This is why I gain weight!” as he scraped the leftovers onto his own plate. “Me too!” I shouted. “I just can’t see any food go to waste!”

Then my friend quietly made a comment…

“But all that extra food is just going to waste in your own body.”

It was one of those unforgettable moments where my mind was illuminated and my eyes were opened to a new perspective that made absolute sense. Why have I never seen it that way before!? In an effort to not be wasteful, I shovel everybody’s uneaten food into my mouth, only to have it turn to waste in my own body – extra fat and toxins that my body cannot use. I have become a human garbage can!

It is so frustrating to have something be a NEED and a VICE all at the same time.

My body needs food to survive. But I have let food become my vice. I have let it… no one else is to blame. So how do I change a 46 year habit? I can’t click my heels and be skinny(believe me I have tried). My mind has to change. My attitude has to change. My beliefs have to change.

I had a coworker whose mantra was “Energy flows where attention goes”.

It has been so easy to ignore my problem. How often I have secretly told myself “Well at least I don’t weight 600 lbs!” or “At least I can still walk up the stairs on my own.” Ridiculous. Just because something could be WORSE doesn’t mean it is OK for it to remain the way it is! Today I choose to focus my attention on this nasty habit of eating leftovers. I acknowledge that it is slowly killing me and robbing me of a good future. I refuse to ignore it or excuse it any longer and I will consciously take a step towards improvement every day.




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